Obama-related oopsies

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Worth a smile: A Republican Florida congresswoman was so determined not to become the next prank call victim that she hung up on the president-elect when Obama called – and then hung up again when he had his chief of staff try again. She apparently told Barack that hey, he sounded better than the guy on Saturday Night Live, but she wasn’t going to be “punked.”

Worth a groan: “Oh Yes You Can! Save 20% on EVERYTHING Storewide”. With the Obama-O and everything.



  1. sozobe  •  Dec 4, 2008 @5:19 pm


    And have you seen the Sarkozy posters?

  2. nimh  •  Dec 5, 2008 @4:02 am

    No, what kind of Sarkozy posters?

  3. sozobe  •  Dec 5, 2008 @6:59 am

    Here we go:

    When I first read about them they were thought to have been commissioned/ put up by Sarkozy — but in trying to find them back it looks like that might not be true. Still uncertain who’s behind them.


  4. nimh  •  Dec 6, 2008 @4:13 pm

    No, hadnt seen those! Trying to read the small print…

    Oh, here we are: Greenpeace was behind it.