About Us

The seven of us met on a site where we frequently discussed political issues and frequently (but not always!) found ourselves in agreement. A discussion of the kinds of blogs we admired led to the idea of going ahead and creating the kind of blog that we would like to read.

We are interested in analysis and social commentary, with an emphasis on politics but not limited to that subject.

Our seven bloggers are nimh, sozobe, FreeDuck, engineer, joefromchicago, dagmaraka, and Thomas.

All of us are busy people with more ideas than time — we all thought that holding up one-seventh of a blog sounded more possible than doing the whole thing solo!

We look forward to finding out where this experiment takes us. Enjoy!


  1. beth  •  Oct 6, 2008 @12:36 pm

    hi – would it be possible to have hotlinks on the authors’ names on this page, so we can go straight to the poster(s) we’re interested in?

  2. sozobe  •  Oct 6, 2008 @1:17 pm

    Fabulous idea. Done. (Dag was just added and has no posts yet — once she does, her link should work.)

  3. beth  •  Oct 8, 2008 @7:14 pm

    Great. Thanks for the timesaver!

  4. Chi  •  Jan 31, 2009 @11:59 pm

    I’m going to add you guys to my blog roll. (this is TKO)

  5. nimh  •  Feb 1, 2009 @9:37 am

    Hey Diest, thanks for stopping by! Sorry your comment didn’t appear straight away, the first one needs to be approved – but any other comment you may (hopefully!) post from now on will go straight through.

  6. Kris Bayne  •  Feb 26, 2014 @5:38 pm

    2008!? How did I miss this?

  7. nimh  •  Apr 2, 2014 @8:23 am

    Good question, Kris :-)

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