OK. I’m Starting To Believe It.

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The other day I clicked to Comedy Central, just to see what was on. Barack Obama’s smiling face filled the screen. The camera panned to show fireworks behind him, then out to show that he was on a porcelain plate. The words “Change Has Come” in scrolly gold letters were lingered on lovingly. Everything was soft-focus and precious.

There were no captions and I squinted at the screen in confusion… was this some sort of Jon Stewart parody? What was going ON?

Eventually it became apparent that despite the insipid-looking white people gazing happily at the plate and the lo-budget schmaltz, this was the real thing. They’re actually selling porcelain plates commemorating Barack Obama’s victory.

This can be YOURS for the low, low price of $19.99!!

This can be YOURS for the low, low price of $19.99!!

There is a whole site set up for selling these plates (and coins!), where you can watch the video (slightly altered from the one I saw — fewer insipid people, more coins).

I remember when I ordered my “ObamaMama” t-shirt, more than a year ago. It’s a very nice t-shirt, as t-shirts go; black with red white and blue lettering and an Obama logo.

I never seemed to make the decision to wear it lightly. I’m relatively new in town and I had serious concerns about whether wearing that t-shirt would close some doors for me.

When I did wear it, the reactions tended to be strong (especially once the primaries got started). I wore it to the Ohio State Fair in July and a young black guy grinned at me and said “I like your t-shirt…!” while a middle-aged white woman glared at me with such heat that I prepared to physically defend myself — she eventually moved on, though.

Residents of Blandville, USA raise a toast to the new president (seen, tinily, on a plate in the background)

Residents of Blandville, USA raise a toast to the new president (seen, tinily, on a plate in the background)

This commercial somehow brought home for me that Barack Obama is not the risky candidate that I started supporting almost three years ago. He’s our President-Elect. Three quarters of Americans think he will be a good president. His face is on tacky porcelain plates, for chrissakes. This is real.

A toast to our President-Elect, Barack Obama.



  1. Jo  •  Nov 20, 2008 @4:54 pm

    Heh. I want you to know I just happen to possess a Governor Clinton plate, Made in America, Syracuse China. I got this at the Salvation Army store. Cream colored, gold outer band, some leafy plant depicted in gold and gray in the center. Actually, it’s pretty, whereas your described plate sounds a tad goofy.

    Wonder if they got permission…

  2. nimh  •  Nov 20, 2008 @6:58 pm

    Three-quarters! I hadn’t realised just how marginalised the angry conservatives are in their fears of Obama.

    On another optimistic, if a little more wry, note, that CNN article says: “”The challenge Obama faces has never been greater. No president has ever come to office during a time when the public’s mood has been this low.” I’d say that could actually be an advantage. I mean, with people thinking things are that bad, he shouldn’t have to do much to seem better than what people have now, right?

  3. FreeDuck  •  Nov 21, 2008 @5:34 am

    I was thinking about that the other day — great challenges bring great opportunity. And yeah, I have to keep pinching myself too.