Rush and the Tale of Two Endorsements

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Everyone’s favorite powerful, influential member of the media” has had two opportunities to comment this election season about perceived turncoats, people who after years of supporting candidates of their own parties suddenly flipped this election cycle.  Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Colin Powell are all over the Internet by now, but in case you missed them, Rush said

If Powell had endorsed McCain, you know what would have happened?  Donna Brazile and the other black elites in the Democrat Party would never have forgiven him.  This was all about Powell and race.  It was nothing about the nation and its welfare.  He said it’s not about race, and I said, “Okay. Show me all of the inexperienced white liberals you’ve endorsed. If it’s not about race.

Pretty brutal stuff there.  We’re really lucky to have Rush to clarify this for us, because Powell might have fooled us otherwise.  He didn’t just endorse Senator Obama, but made his endorsement an eloquent statement about everything that is right about the Obama candidacy and everything that is wrong about McCain’s.  Powell and McCain go back a ways and Powell donated the maximum amount to McCain’s campaign this year, but he’s on MSNBC saying

I’m an American, first and foremost, and I’m very proud–I said, I’ve said, I’ve said to my beloved friend and colleague John McCain, a friend of 25 years, “John, I love you, but I’m not just going to vote for you on the basis of our affection or friendship.” And I’ve said to Barack Obama, “I admire you.  I’ll give you all the advice I can.  But I’m not going to vote for you just because you’re black.” We, we have to move beyond this.

We might have been taken in.  But this isn’t the first time Rush has had to show us the light.  There was the first time this election cycle it happened.  Maybe you don’t remember the first time.  The turncoat: Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.  You may remember the long time Democratic and Clinton supporter and her well considered indictments of the Obama campaign.

“I’m abandoning this party, I don’t like Obama, Obama scares me, I really do not like Obama.”

See, this is so sad when the Democratic Party plays the class card, and they try to divide America and they try to say that somehow my opinion is less worthy than another person’s because I have this wonderful life.  I have a wonderful life.  I want John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House so other people can have that wonderful life.

We might have been confused here, but Rush was there to help.

Is that not great?  This woman’s a Democrat.  But she is fed up with what’s happened to the party.  How come my opinion is not valid just because my life is wonderful?  How come you only accept opinions in the Democrat Party from people you think lives are not wonderful or miserable or what have you?

Are we all clear now?  A well reasoned argument based on facts and close observation: RACIAL WARRIOR.  Obama’s scary and I just want people to have a wonderful life like me: CLASSY LADY.

Got it.  Thanks Rush.

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