Notes From A Battleground State: Crumbslide?

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The Busken bakery in Ohio has been conducting a “cookie poll” since 1984. They sell cookies festooned with the image of the candidates, and keep a tally of the sales. They’ve called the winner every single time — within 4 percentage points of the final tally!

So how’s it look for Obama?

(Note, the McCain cookie is frowning here — because he’s losing by a 2-1 margin! — but the one for sale is smiling.)

That’s as of Tuesday, October 28th at 10:40 AM. Click here to keep tabs.

Brian Busken, VP of marketing, says, “We’ve never seen a spread like this before in the numbers. I don’t know if there’s going to be a crumbslide or not. … We may still predict the winner, but probably by way too many cookies.”



  1. FreeDuck  •  Oct 28, 2008 @11:12 am

    Even with Obama’s disadvantage of being a blue cookie (I mean, really, who eats blue food?) he still comes out ahead. ; )

  2. nimh  •  Oct 29, 2008 @4:44 am

    Yeah, but would you eat a red cookie?

    I guess this reveals why the Green Party will never have a chance…

  3. FreeDuck  •  Oct 31, 2008 @6:03 am

    If we started a new chocolate sprinkles party, we’d win in a landslide.

  4. sozobe  •  Oct 31, 2008 @7:35 am

    Oh, the image automatically updates! Cool.

    When I posted it was 8 thousand something to 3 thousand something (almost 4 thousand).

    As of right now (10:40 AM EST, October 31st) it’s 9743 (Obama) to 4481 (McCain).