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Can you feel it coming / in the air tonight …

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The University of Wisconsin Advertising Project “codes and analyzes nearly all of the political advertising that is aired in 2008 federal and gubernatorial races across the country.” Yesterday it released a very interesting report on the two presidential candidates’ advertising in the week of September 28-October 4 (h/t Marc Ambinder). There’s a bunch of goodies in there, data-wise.

$28 million in one week

First of all, there’s the sheer volume of advertising that’s going on. Baffling amounts of money are being spent on equally stunning numbers of ads. In that one week alone, the two campaigns spent over $28 million on TV advertising.

That’s almost twice as much as in the first week of September. It’s also one and a half times as much as “the Bush and Kerry campaigns and their party and interest group allies spent” in the equivalent week of 2004. (Remember the reports back then about the unprecedented role money played in a record-breaking year of campaign spending?)

$28 million in one week. I mean, you could have 28 million young Africans immunised against meningitis for that. Just saying.

The result was that in the Las Vegas media market, Obama ads were aired 1,288 times in one week, and McCain ads 712 times. That’s a lot of ads.

Charting the ads

Secondly, the sheer extent to which Obama is outspending McCain on the airwaves. And the revealing differences in where they spend their money. In this one week, “the Obama campaign spent just under $17.5 million while the McCain campaign and the RNC spent just under $11 million combined.” I’ve graphed it, of course. This is by how much Obama is outspending McCain – and where:

Obama advertisement spending, 9/28 - 10/4

McCain advertisement spending, 9/28-10/4

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You have got to be kidding me (or: Palin’s sycophantic supporters and suspicious chaperones)

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On a total aside in a post on McCain’s (lack of) campaign strategy, Daniel Nichanian at Campaign Diaries has this remark, between parentheses, about Sarah Palin’s recent telephone interview with Bill Kristol:

(Kristol acknowledged that it sounded like Palin was being coached by staffers while on the phone with him)

No way. She had staffers sitting in on a phone interview with a sycophantic columnist to make sure she didnt goof even in that setting?

But it’s true: in his complete softball of an interview, Kristol playfully asked Palin whether, “since she seemed to have enjoyed the debate, [..] she’d like to take this opportunity to challenge Joe Biden to another one.” Silence followed: “There was a pause, and I thought I heard some staff murmuring in the background (we were on speaker phones).” Eventually she passed on the notion of a challenge.

Now I’m a layman, I’ve never accompanied any candidate on his or her business — is this normal?

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Bad News Week for News

ready for the nineteenth century

Traditional print media: "Quick, Matthias, hand me the ff ligature."

It may seem incredible, but with the Wall Street bailout, the frenzy over the Palin-Biden debate, and the Cubs’ annual collapse in the playoffs, there was enough room in the newsosphere this week for other events to occur. Three, in particular, bear ominous portents for the future of print media:

Minneapolis Star Tribune skips debt payment: Minnesota’s largest circulation newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, announced on September 30 that it would stop making payments to its senior creditors. This means that the Star Tribune will attempt to restructure its debt and negotiate with its lenders for more breathing room as it tries to find a formula for making money in an increasingly difficult environment for big city newspapers.

What this really means: the Star Tribune, for all practical purposes, is bankrupt.

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