Handy Dandy Vetting Guide

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Toms fancy glasses

Tom's fancy glasses

Sarahs fancy glasses

Sarah's fancy glasses

If they’re wearing fancy glasses, vet ’em thoroughly. REALLY thoroughly.



  1. nimh  •  Feb 3, 2009 @7:00 am

    Ha! I’d go further and say – fancy glasses, no job. Period :-)

    Daschle’s glasses are so … I dunno .. high school teacherish. You know, that sort-of-still-young teacher who thinks of himself as modern and wants to show it? Say, a geography teacher?

  2. sozobe  •  Feb 3, 2009 @8:00 am

    Yeah, there’s something about them that’s just way too self-conscious.

    I wonder if there is an actual correlation that can be made between shall we say expensive taste and a tendency to fudge ethics a bit in the pursuit of the finer things in life…