Still Not Used to an Articulate President

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I just watched Barack Obama’s chat with Matt Lauer before the Super Bowl. It appeared to be live — there were technical difficulties for example that presumably wouldn’t have happened in a taped segment, and some awkward camera cuts. Obama was funny, warm, and serious as called for and didn’t miss a beat when Lauer asked some gotcha-ish questions.

Nothing too deep of course — for example, Lauer asked Obama to face the camera and justify his preference for a national college football playoff to Floridians (whose Gators won the BCS Championship game). “Twenty-seven electoral votes,” Lauer kept saying. Obama smilingly found the camera and delivered his defense; “Congrats Gators, on an outstanding season. … Wouldn’t you feel better if you had beaten every team through a playoff system?”

There was more substance too, especially in terms of talking about the economy and the stimulus package. Obama made it clear that things are going to continue to get worse for several months, and then it would take a while after that before things got back “on track.” But he was full of reassurance, full of confidence that things WILL get back on track.

Throughout he was comfortable and smooth. It’s not solving the health care crisis or creating peace in the middle east, but it was still nice to see. (Right! A brain! Excellent.)

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1 Comment

  1. nimh  •  Feb 2, 2009 @7:37 am

    Yes, it is…

    I’m a bit worried about the things getting “worse for several months, and then .. a while .. before things got back on track,” though. Even that seems overpromising things. Looks like it’ll get worse for more than just a couple of months, and years before things get back on track.

    I’ve been thinking about that – re all those comparisons with FDR and the crisis then, that getting America out of this crisis will get the Democrats as much credit (and a generation’s worth of support) as it did then. There’s a big difference, isn’t there? With FDR, the country had already completely collapsed into a crisis that had massively affected everyone by the time he was elected. The country had already hit rock bottom and then under him came back up.

    It’s different this time. There was just one quarter of true collapse before he came in, and rock bottom will come quite a while into his term. Like I wrote in the previous post, Republicans are already prepping to start blaming the crisis on Obama if things havent improved in six months..