Dow 36

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Noting that Kevin Hassett, of Dow 36000 fame, is now director of economic policy studies at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and confidently proclaiming his neo-Hooverite recipes for tackling the financial crisis, Neil Sinhababu of Donkeylicious sighs, “I guess it’s kind of like the Iraq War, where you can give really bad advice and still hold onto an awesome think tank job.”

Which leaves us, he adds, only with the power of satire. Crude satire, to fit crude stupidity. Here’s Neil’s reworking of Hassett’s now-notorious book – and here’s mine:



  1. sozobe  •  Jan 19, 2009 @2:55 pm

    I love the financial fairy! I think there’s real marketing potential there…

  2. Neil the Ethical Werewolf  •  Jan 19, 2009 @7:35 pm

    Ha! That’s good.