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Yesterday, that is. Commenting on a TNR blog post about Terry McAuliffe’s “pre-announcement announcement video” for Virginia Governor, Ken Grant writes:

McAuliffe is nothing but naked pandering.  He is a knave.  A charlatan.  A carnival-barker.  A Reformation era Indulgence seller.

I hope he gets beaten like a rented mule in the primaries.  I hope that people attend his rallies and jeer at him whilst lobbing exceptionally rotten tomatoes.

Sorry, not really in the mood for such a hack representing anyone.  Ever.



  1. sozobe  •  Jan 12, 2009 @2:49 pm

    Bravo, Ken Grant, bravo.

    I’m still in political detox mode (more on that later, perhaps) but I saw a snippet on TV about McCauliffe’s flirting with running for gov when I was working out and I’m sure I looked like I’d just injured myself severely.

    Not a McAuliffe fan.

  2. nimh  •  Jan 13, 2009 @11:41 am

    Ha! I feel your pain :-)