I Forgive George Bush


Have you seen this link?  The web site is ForgiveGeorge.com.  I saw the link and thought I’d go there for a laugh, but the tag line got me.  It’s a very minimalist site, only a line crawling across the screen – “Giving up all hope for a better past”.  For those of you with a great memory for comedians (or a search engine), you might know this as a Lily Tomlin quote, but for me this hits home.  I’ve spoken with a lot of people who long for a better past.  What if … Gore had won Florida … 911 never happened … we’d rejected a second Bush term?  But there’s no changing that.  It’s done and we need to move on.  The right is not immune to this either.  I’ve met many a Republican who see red at the mention of Bill Clinton a decade after Monica.  Maybe they can move on with me.  It’s not that the President is asking for my forgiveness.  He’s said history will vindicate his choices.  I believe this is the greatest of his sins – looking back upon the devastation of the last eight years with pride – but that’s done as well.  So welcome 2009.  Welcome to the new President, the new Congress, the New Year.  I forgive George Bush.



  1. nimh  •  Jan 2, 2009 @6:28 pm

    A nice sentiment – I like the notion of “Giving up all hope for a better past”. But I gotta say I don’t have your generous heart …

    It’s not like George W. keeps me awake at night – he’s almost irrelevant now, so why still be agitated? Happy to no longer have to spend much thought on him any longer, and looking forward to change. But forgive? That’s still a little too much to ask …

  2. sozobe  •  Jan 12, 2009 @3:16 pm

    Interesting post.

    I agree with what you say about Bush’s obliviousness being at the core of what bothers me about him.

    It bothers me to think of forgiving everyone who’s done something bad because the past is the past though, ya know? There have to be consequences. I think Bush should experience consequences for his actions.

    That said, I agree with nimh that I don’t typically spend a lot of mental energy on Bush anymore anyway — really, really looking forward to him being out of the picture. Tootaloo.

  3. nimh  •  Jan 13, 2009 @11:47 am

    Aye about Bush’s obliviousness. He does seem to have had one rare moment of critical introspection though – looking back, he’d rather have pushed immigration reform than Social Security privatisation.

  4. Rigoberto  •  Apr 1, 2015 @4:53 am

    Obama is the consumate poiclitian when it comes to deliverying a well-written speech. I just got done re-living George Bush’s epic address to both Houses of Congress after 9-11; wherein he first uttered the Bush Doctrine of either being with us (America) or with the terrorists and those that give them aid or refuge. You can’t get any clearer than that: you knew where Bush stood on foreign policy.With Obama, I don’t know from one day to the next, one speech to the next, or from one ambiguous statement (or inaction) to the next.