An Open Letter to McCain Backers


Dear McCain backer;

You’ve told us you don’t trust Senator Obama. You don’t trust his name or his pastor or his associations. He might even be a terrorist. The American public needs to know the truth about Senator Obama!

Sanity check time. I’m sure no one will change your mind on this, but at this point, do you really believe that no one has really looked into Obama’s background? Do you think the Clintons really didn’t bother to turn over every stone? The McCain’s team has been less than thorough? That every press outlet and every blogger looking for a score has not sifted his background with a fine toothed comb? When McCain says the American people need to understand Obama’s relationship with Ayers, do you think he has not read the dozens of reports done by every sort of organization detailing that association in the finest detail possible?

When people started to ask Guilliani hard questions, he would say “911” and it would all pass. McCain supporters say “POW”. Obama has no such magic word. Everyone just digs and digs and digs. I’m sure you will say it’s the liberal MSM, but in your heart, you know that every conservative outlet in the world has been striving for all they’re worth to pin something real on Obama and there is nothing there. You keep asking the American people for a little more patience, one more investigation, just a little more time to dig up something. Patience is gone. There’s nothing there. If you think McCain is proposing better policies for the US than Obama, then please vote for him, but declaring that Obama has some deep, dark secret that you can find if you just look a little harder is just silly.



  1. nimh  •  Oct 17, 2008 @8:30 pm

    It’s hard not to get impatient sometimes, huh?

    Oh, I fixed those italics tags for ya.

  2. engineer  •  Oct 18, 2008 @6:54 am

    Thanks. I thought it looked ok in the preview mode, but I must have missed it.

  3. FreeDuck  •  Oct 20, 2008 @9:21 am

    Obama has a magic word, he just can’t use it.