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Seems like an appropriate link to recommend tonight: The Poetry of Sarah Palin. A whimsical, ironical (re)take on Palin’s words, written with a gentle and creative humor. The author, or should I say editor, is Hart Seely. You might remember how he turned Donald Rumsfeld’s cryptical utterings into The Existential Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld.

“You Can’t Blink”

You can’t blink.
You have to be wired
In a way of being
So committed to the mission,

The mission that we’re on,
Reform of this country,
And victory in the war,
You can’t blink.

So I didn’t blink.



  1. FreeDuck  •  Oct 2, 2008 @5:08 pm

    I think you should set it to tune.

  2. nimh  •  Oct 2, 2008 @9:12 pm

    Heh :-)

    Palin’s performance tonight should provide more material…

    I have zero poetical talent, but lets try:

    Fathers of success (or: Also, in Jerusalem)

    We will support Israel.

    A two-state solution, building our embassy,
    also, in Jerusalem,
    those things that we look forward to
    being able to accomplish,
    with this peace-seeking
    nation –

    and they have a track record
    of being able to forge
    these peace

    They succeeded with Jordan.
    They succeeded with Egypt.
    I’m sure that we’re going to see
    more success
    there, also.

    It’s got to be a commitment
    of the United States
    of America,

  3. FreeDuck  •  Oct 3, 2008 @9:37 am

    Hah! Here let me try one with my favorite non-answer from last night.

    I’m not one
    to attribute
    every man
    — activity of man
    to the changes in the climate.

    There is something
    to be said
    for man’s activities
    but also
    for the cyclical temperature changes
    on our planet.

    But there are
    real changes
    going on
    in our climate.

    And I don’t want to argue
    about the causes.

    What I want to argue
    about is
    how are we
    going to get there
    to positively
    affect the impacts?